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We have a select range of high quality body & beauty products available.

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Body & Beauty

Sea to Old City - Finchberry Soap

Loaded with nutritious sea salt and...

Autumn is Fall - Finchberry Soap

Red apple/cinnamon and orange/clove...

Citizen's Arrest - Finchberry Soap

If you love Lavender you will love this...

Lovin' Lemons - Finchberry Soap

An uplifting, refreshing, cheerful and...

Hippie Hangover - Finchberry Soap

Scented with dark patchouli essential...

Herb-N Chaos - Finchberry Soap

The delicate fragrance of jasmine and...

Renegade Honey - Finchberry Soap

Rich bitter almond and sweet honey make...

Sweet Dreams - Finchberry Soap

Soothing and relaxing blend of...

Tropical Sunshine - Finchberry Soap

Coconut and lime blended together in...

Past Curfew - Finchberry Soap

Zesty, bright, vibrant, and euphoric....

Tart Me Up - Finchberry Soap

Both tart and sweet! Raspberry with a...

Lemon Glycerine Hand Cream

Traditional Lemon Glycerine Hand Cream...

Large Bee Bar - Honey House Naturals

This marvelous solid bar is a Lotion!

Small Bee Bar - Honey House Naturals

As the Bee Bar is picked up and warmed...